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29 May, 2011

Download Youtube Video In BT5

Requirement: axel downloader, Flashgot Firefox Adds On
Set-kan flashgot menggunakan axel sebagai download manager
Di Youtube,stream video dan select quality video(contoh 720p)

Right clik dan pilih "FlashGot Media" pastikan ada nombor(video) jika tiada,sila refresh page
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Best Media/Video Player On BT5 Gnome

Saya syorkan SMPlayer untuk memainkan file jenis video. Interface nye pun juga OK.
Solving: apt-get install smplayer
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[SOLVED] Yahoo! Mail On Pidgin [BT5 Gnome]

Klau guna Ymail untuk di pidgin then ada masalah untuk connect ke server,try:
Solving: guna Yahoo ID sahaja tanpa @yahoo.com/ymail.com dan sebagainya
Contoh: "idyahoosaya" di form Username dan isi password anda di form Password. Di form username mestilah tanpa @******
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[SOLVED] PrintScreen on BT5 Gnome

Bila tekan button "PrtSc SysRq" xleh capture/snap desktop dan kluar error mengenai directory.
Solving: "apt-get install gnome-utils"
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14 November, 2010


Thanks you for visiting InternetPeers but im no longer updating this blog because already move to www.gcores.com(currently in development process).

What im planning is to move article/post(from this blog) to www.gcores.com.

Thanks you again for visit and sorry about this problem. This blog is NOT CLOSE but WILL NOT UPDATED

If you have a question or opinion, please you can contact me on:

1- zer0nymous@yahoo.com=Yahoo messenger
2- Qu4R0w@gmail.com=for mailing

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